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iClean Operations have been successful in the commercial cleaning services for over 5 years, with personnel experience extending past 20 years.  We are a fast growing, dedicated and reliable cleaning company, and structure our services to best suit your commercial environment.

Clean office=happy, healthy and productive workers. Is this mantra being practiced at your organisation? Or is professional cleaning for your office been something you have thought about but haven’t had a chance to organise. Alternatively, have you had your office cleaned in the past but haven’t been completely satisfied?

Studies show that a clean and tidy workplace encourages increased workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction from operating in a clean and healthy environment. A clean, safe and hygienic office can also help reduce absenteeism, presenteeism (the loss of productivity that occurs when employees come to work but aren’t fully functioning because of an illness or injury) in your workplace.

Did you know that presenteeism alone costs businesses dearly, with an average of six working days of productivity lost each year per employee, costing approximately 3 per cent of the gross wage sum for the average employer.

Ultimately an investment in ensuring your work place is clean, hygienic and safe is an investment in your organisations bottom line.

Quality cleaning you can count on

Proudly Australian owned and operated, iClean Operations provides highly professional, modern and comprehensive commercial and office cleaning services in greater Sydney.

iClean Operations is dedicated to consistently delivering reliable cleaning solutions utilising the latest in technology and cleaning equipment, while caring and catering to your unique needs and requirements.

Why use iClean Operations as your professional office cleaning provider:

  • Reliable and highly trustworthy
  • Punctual and courteous
  • Attention to detail
  • Affordable
  • Provides a personal guarantee for satisfaction
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Helps reduce absenteeism, workplace accidents and injuries
  • Can help reduce the number of insurance and workers compensation claims
  • Uses the latest techniques and equipment
  • Improves productivity and staff morale
  • Provides consistent quality and professional care

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